Po-oh-zo...the reality!

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Well in a rather rushed decision we booked last minute flights to Pozo, Gran Canaria. Taking 4.5 days leave we have 10 days on the water courtesy of old queenies jubilee! An offer too good to miss with restricted leave.

The first day we sailed at Vargas on 4.7m with some small forward ramps but not a lot else going on. Yesterday, there were more standard conditions in Pozo, well powered on 3.7m and waist high 3 dimensional chop with lots of sailors out!

Very frustrating but today is much better. Still well powered on 3.7m and having tightened my fins (oops) my board is behaving a lot better!

For onshore conditions the K4 14 Stubbies with 8 Sharks in my 78l are so good!

Anyways here is a basic sum up of Pozo from a wave sailors perspective...

Ideal Pozo
Waves: 2-3m + 0.5m
Wind: 15-25knts 40knts +
People: Friends only Half the windsurfing population
Between the waves: Flat/smooth Chopfest!!

Having said that, it is super windy and the jumping can be great, plus it is always good to practice in these conditions as they are quite rare in the U.K.!

I actually really enjoy Pozo when the waves come... todays session was 100% better than last nights and all that has changed is that there is a wave or two now!

Right, lunch over...time to sail again...and the waves are getting better!