New backloop angle

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Apologies for the delay in updates!

The South West has been pretty mediocre over the last month and a bit. I only sailed once in the whole of July! It's starting to get better now though, everyone has their fingers crossed for a great Autumn.

We have had a few surf sessions recently and one 5.3m light wind session at Gwithian the other weekend. Otherwise, we have bought a new van!! I will do an update in the next few days with some van pics. We pretty much worked on it non-stop after work for a couple of weeks.

Anyway, last night we finally got a windy session in at Wonwell. Only 30 mins from Plymouth it is a great spot for jumping in strong SSW-S winds. Essentially a mini Pozo without the rocks downwind!

I tested our new K4 harness mount but after only a few runs I realised the gopro wasn't done up tight enough. After sailing all the way down wind I realised I couldn't sort it and had to sail the rest of the session without it...damn jinx again!

Here is a quick vid of a nice backloop I got with the gopro in the wrong place! A new viewing angle I am sure not many will repeat!