Down the line to face smash!

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Just a quick update, presently we are sitting at home, after getting back from a mental 3.7m session at Daymer today, it would have been really good jumping if we all had, had just a little bit more control! Full power winter wind, complete with gusts whipping the surface of the water away and a bit of hail, it was pretty chilly but fun, tomorrow could be the dream...

Talking of Chile, watching Jan Sleighs video the other day reminded to dig through a hard drive and find this crash clip I put together. It is just a couple of waves on a light wind day at Topocalma...on the last one I get the timing a little bit late for a close out aerial section and decide to try and remodel my face with my boom!

I came up after the wipeout and touched my hand to the side of my face, fully expecting my nose to be somewhere near my left ear!!

Fortunately, it wasn't and my gorgeous looks (yeh right not quite so gorgeous) still remain!

Thought you might the clip, will have some UK pics/photos to come soon hopefully!

Rumours have it my custom 80l from Simmer will arrive next week, fingers crossed for some more windy sessions! Apologies in advance if the new board jinxes the wind!!